Saturday, December 11, 2010


Luke 2:14

   "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!"

Luke 2:14

   As I write this blog, there is a global conflict that is taking place all around us.  This conflict has been occurring for thousands of years at this point.  Most of mankind is actively involved in this conflict, but many are not always aware that they are.  Some living now, and throughout history, have resolved this conflict in their lifetimes.  But, this was only possible because the agent to whom they had hostilities towards took the first steps in resolving this conflict.
   What is this conflict that I am writing about?  It is the ongoing conflict between God and the sons and daughters of Adam (that includes all of us), who was the first father of all mankind.  The first salvos were fired by our first parents, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden.  Ever since then, the Bible records that all humans have, through our active rebellion against God's Laws (this is our sins), have made the God of the Bible our enemy.  (c.f. Romans 8:7, James 4:4, Romans 3:23)  The Bible also records that all we who have made God our enemy have the wrath of God resting on us at this very moment (c.f. John 3:36), and will face the full force of God's wrath in hell when we die.
   That is not the end of this story, though.  About two thousand years ago, God the Father (the first person of the Trinity) sent God the Son (the second person of the Trinity) to live in human flesh, live a perfect life of obedience to fulfill the demands of the Law (that we could never do), and die on a Roman cross to take on himself the wrath of God for all of us who would repent and put their trust in him.
   Jesus was (and still is) God's only peace offering to mankind.


   If you are reading this, and have not put your trust in the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ for your rebellion and sins against God, make this Christmas season a memorable one by repenting of your wrong views about God and trusting in Christ as your righteousness and peace offering to God.
   If you are a believer and have already done this, take this Christmas season to remind those around you who do not have Christ as their Lord and Savior their need to do so. 

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